Torque Wrench Lubrication Recommendations

ITL Dental supplies a single setting torque wrench with a break away head and an adjustable torque wrench with a ratchet mechanism. Each torque wrench has its own lubrication recommendations.
The single setting torque wrench should be lubricated prior to each autoclave. The head of the wrench should be positioned in the break-away position prior to autoclaving. A drop of lubricating oil should be placed into the slot where the head breaks away.
After autoclaving, the head should be repositioned into its use position.
The adjustable torque wrench does not need lubrication prior to each autoclaving. However, lubricating oil should be placed on the wrench head and around the blue dial edge periodically. For normal use, monthly should be sufficient. For heavy use, do more frequently.
Torque wrenches are stainless steel instruments. Leaving them in a sterilization pouch after autoclaving can cause corrosion.