Full Disclosure Notice about Bone Expander Kits being sold by 2014-Gant on EBay

A seller by the name of 2014-Gant is selling on EBay a Bone Expander Kit using the marketing materials from ITL Dental. We want to alert any potential buyer that this product is not manufactured by ITL Dental and that the marketing materials being used by 2014-Gant is without permission. If you scroll down their listing, you can identify that the product is not from ITL Dental (note the manual knob which is completely different). The box is also not from ITL Dental as we have a blue anodized tray in our box.

In their product description they state that the product is made from French stainless steel. We only use stainless steel made in the US.

This seller is attempting to relate its product to the Bone Expander Kit from ITL Dental. It is violating the copyrights of ITL Dental. We want you to know that this product is not from ITL Dental.